Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas in the City

Thursday night we spent out in the city navigating the masses, looking at lights, and enjoying the holiday cheer.

Gene Pool

My soon-to-be sister-in-law sent me these old photos. What do you think? Does Isabella look like me?

Photo Shoot

My talented friend Elisabeth Westwood is trying to make her way as a photographer here in New York City. She asked if she could get some shots of Isabella. I was excited she would ask and thrilled at the results.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Isabella started saying a few words, well, sounds that I understand:
nuew (with head shake and lips puckered)=no
haa (with palm out)=hot
na (pointing)=I want that

So, the other day Isabella was pointing to a magazine cover of Johnny Depp. I said, "That's Johnny Depp. He's hot." She stretched out her arm, palm toward the photo, and whispered, "haa!" That's right, honey, he's HOT!

Getting Out

We didn't have any plans yesterday so we stayed inside until mid afternoon when I decided we needed a stroll. It was sunny and above freezing, but windy, so still quite chilly. We walked around Morningside Park and happened upon this large empty playground. Isabella was game and we played for quite a while. Once winter is over we will be her quite frequently

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Perfect Timing

One of my favorite blogs is Rookie Moms where they list a bunch of ideas of things to do with your kids. A recent suggestion that I read was about how we (parents) take tons of photos of our little ones, but rarely are we in the photos; especially in everyday action. They suggested doing photos of us in "real life". So I set the camera to do multiple shots with the timer and got some cute shots--I think.


Shadow Tag

Isabella found her shadow. She seemed to really enjoy it--or at least was more captivated than when she looks in a mirror.

Train Show

We recently went to see the famed Citigroup train show. It was pretty neat. I did expect it to be larger, but it was still quite big. The details were fantastic and I loved the real drive in theater (movies were actually playing on the tiny screen). Isabella obviously didn't find it very interesting; maybe better luck next year.

Breakfast--Bella Style

Lately Isabella is showing more and more interest in feeding herself. She will put in a good effort with the spoon but since she hasn't mastered it yet she gets a bit impatient and goes for the guzzle. This is oatmeal; not the easiest substance to "drink". And, yes, it gets all in her hair which she hates getting washed.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving in Connecticut


Isabella in her new winter gear.

Baby in a Box

I think Isabella is finally recovering from our move a few days ago. It was rough on all of us. Fortunately some wonderful friends helped take care of her while we did the packing and hauling.

Hide & Seek

I was working on the computer and I realized it was all of a sudden quiet. I looked all over for Isabella...seriously! Fortunately, our apartment is tiny so I knew she couldn't have gone too far. She was so quiet. I looked and teasingly said, "Where's Isabella?!" When I finally spotted her legs I couldn't stop laughing. We were both laughing! It was a tad strange to not know where she was for a brief moment. We play hide & seek quite often but usually Brian and I are the ones hiding and Isabella comes to find us. Clever girl!


What a saucy look she's giving the camera!