Friday, February 22, 2008

Walking Brian to the Subway

This morning when Isabella saw Daddy getting ready to go to work she found and brought me her usual going out apparel (sweater, socks, leggings, shoes). Finding all the items was quite a feat since the house is a mess right now, but she was determined. We bundled her up and walked Daddy to the subway. This is the first morning this winter that we woke up to lots of snow. Isabella has not had a chance to play in snow yet (I don't trust city snow.) but she walked half way home in it and then I carried her the rest of the way. She enjoyed pushing the snow around with her shoe but didn't like that the snow stuck to the top of it. She's been sick lately (and pretty cranky) but seemed to enjoy the time out.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time with Cousin Sabrina

We had great fun with some family coming to visit us in NYC over the long weekend and then we all headed up to CT. Isabella got to spend time playing with her cousin Sabrina who is 5 months older.

Presidents Day

We were able to spend part of the long weekend at the Carini's home in Connecticut. It rained and poured most of the time, but it was also quite warm. When there was a brief break in the rain we went outside for a nice wander around the yard. It was hard to convince Isabella to go back inside once the rain started again.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Last night I did something crazy. I bought a jogging stroller. I can't believe I have two strollers for one child! But I've been scanning Craigslist for a few weeks, waiting. And a deal finally popped up yesterday. We got this InStep used, but in excellent condition will all the accessories included for $85. I'm super happy. Isabella is really mellow in it because it is a totally sweet ride. Now I don't have to wake up at 5:30 am to go running while she is sleeping. Nor do I have to think about getting a crazy gym membership. This jogger is the perfect solution!

Bath Time

When we first moved to our new apartment a few months ago I was so excited to finally have a bathtub. Our last place only had a tiny shower so Isabella took baths in the tiny kitchen sink--which she outgrew a few months before we moved. The first time I tried to put her in the bathtub she freaked out. To remedy the bath time blues I began bathing with her, gradually persuading her with silliness and toys to get into the tub.

A week ago I put some bubbles in the water and made sure it was the perfect temperature. She was hesitant and first to go in on her own but we began playing games and she began to love it. After a good half hour, while shivering and pruney, she refused to get out. Yes! I didn't mind trying to persuade her to get out. Today's bath was even more successful--she attempted to get into the bathtub on her own before her clothes were off.

I love bath time!